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Richemont A shares are listed and traded on the SIX Swiss Exchange. Any stockbroker or bank should be able to buy or sell A shares for you. Richemont's securities reference number on SIX ('Valorennummer') is 21.048.333 and the ISIN code 'CH0210483332'. The reference on Reuters is 'CFR.VX' and on Bloomberg 'CFR VX'.

Richemont A shares are also traded on the JSE Securities Exchange South Africa. The ISIN code is CH00210483332.

View details of the current unit price on both the SIX Swiss Exchange (for Swiss franc prices) and the JSE South African Exchange (for the South African rand prices) using the share price charting tool.

Richemont has 537 582 089 A shares and 537 582 089 B shares in issue. The A shares have their primary listing on the SIX Swiss Exchange and a secondary listing on the JSE South African Exchange. They are traded in both markets. The B shares are not listed and are held by Compagnie Financière Rupert.

The company holds a number of A shares in Treasury to hedge executive stock option grants.

More information on the Group's capital structure

Subject to the provisions of prevailing exchange control regulations in South Africa, South African listed A shares may be converted into A shares listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange and vice versa.

For further information about the exchange process, please contact:

Computershare Investor Services Proprietary Limited, Registration number 2004/003647/07
Rosebank Towers, 15 Biermann Avenue, Rosebank, Johannesburg, 2196 South Africa
+27 11 370 5000

Richemont pays a dividend each September after the Annual General Meeting has been held.

Holders of South African A shares will have the dividend paid to them through the STRATE system in South Africa.

Dividends paid by Compagnie Financière Richemont SA are subject to Swiss withholding tax at 35%. A shares held in South Africa are also subject to South African withholding tax of 5%. Bona fide South African tax residents holding A shares may reclaim a portion of the Swiss withholding tax under the Swiss: South African double tax agreement.

The AGM is held in September each year.

You can download the annual report as a pdf or request a printed copy via our contact form. You can also register to receive an email when the annual report is available online.

If you are requesting a printed copy please indicate whether you would like to receive only the current year's annual report or whether you would like to be added to the permanent mailing list.


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Any individual who suspects, observes or hears about misconduct or wrongdoing within the Group and/or its Maisons is encouraged to raise their concern in confidence through the Richemont Speak Up Platform, our whistleblowing and grievance reporting channel. The service is available in 14 languages and provides the option to report individual concerns online or via a local telephone number.

You will receive acknowledgement of receipt of your report within seven days and feedback will be provided within three months.

Richemont was formed in 1988, when the Rembrandt Group spun off its non-South African operations into the new entity. Those interests were principally a 30% interest in Rothmans International and a minority interest in Cartier, Piaget and Baume & Mercier.

Although Richemont is still a relatively 'young' business, its underlying businesses have a long and distinguished history. Cartier was founded by Louis Cartier in 1847 and many of the Group's watch brands were established in Switzerland during the 19th century. Vacheron Constantin, the world's oldest watchmaker in continuous production, was established in 1755.


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